Intensive Cyanidation Reactor (ICR)






Intensive Cyanidation Reactor by Resources Gold Technology


Intensive Cyanidation Reactors (ICR) are used primarily for the gold leaching of high grade concentrates such as gravity concentrates. While applications exist for low volume high grade refractory gold ores, operational costs make intensive cyanidation reactors most viable on higher grade concentrates. 


Intensive cyanidation requires optimal volume for correct residence time. Intensive cyanidation reactors make use of mechanical agitation, optimizing the mass transfer kinetics of cyanidation. High reagent concentrations are utilized ensuring that these factors do not become rate limiting thereby optimizing dissolution of the gravity concentrates. The intensive cyanidation reactor operates continuously. Closed tank design ensures a high safety factor and prevents accidental environmental contamination. 


4 Au + 8 NaCN + O2 + 2 H2O 4 Na[Au(CN)2] + 4 NaOH 


Elsner Equation 


The Resources Intensive Cyanidation Reactor operates on a cyclic basis utilizing three tanks sequentially for filling and chemical dosing, followed by reaction time and discharge.   Each of the tanks sequentially rotates in their function. At any given time, one tank will be discharging fully leached concentrate to the process, while the other tanks will be performing reaction and filling functions respectively. 



Resources Intensive Cyanidation Reactors have the following benefits: 


Continuous Operation:


Continuous operation is possible.   At any given time, one tank will be discharging fully leached concentrate to the process, while the other tanks will be performing gold leaching and filling functions respectively. 


Zero Short Circuiting:


Short circuiting can lead to gold losses several times the cost of an ICR in a short period. The Resources Intensive Cyanidation Reactor can fully isolate the current reaction tank. This guarantees that high grade concentrate cannot short circuit the gold cyanidation process. 


Optimal Leach Performance:


A  Resources   Intensive Leach Reactor System insures complete and effective gold leaching.  Intensive cyanidation in an isolated volume ensures neither mass transport nor reagent concentration can become rate limiting. 


Very High Process Availability:


Resources Intensive Cyanidation Reactors are designed for maximum operational availability. Reserve operational capacity ensures the gold leaching process can continue even if a leach tank has to be taken offline for maintenance.