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  • Gold Mine Facility by Resources Gold Technology constitutes the entire materials handling, crushing and screening and gold processing plant operation together with administrative functionality and personnel requirements needed for operation of a gold plant.
  • Crushing and screening by Resources Gold Technology takes place inside a dedicated and insulated enclosed area within the gold plant facility, minimizing noise emission. Short operational time allows optimal maintenance and reduced sustained vibration and noise levels around the crushing and screening operation.
  • Material handling conveyors by Resources Gold Technology are used in Resources Gold Mine Facilities to maximize vertical transport over the shortest horizontal floor travel, optimizing plant footprint.
  • Material handling equipment by Resources Gold Technology includes a series of coarse ore bins for receiving and storage of gold ore for feed to the crusher section of the gold ore processing facility. Following crushing the fine crusher product is transferred to a fine ore bin.
  • Solid Liquid Separation - Dewatering Plants by Resources Gold Technology are designed to perform highly effective solid liquid separation for process water recovery while producing both thickened slurry for mine backfill operations and filter cake for transport to a surface fill operation.
  • Cyanide Destruction Plants by Resources Gold Technology operate by introducing a reactant that oxidizes the cyanide ions in solution in gold processing plant tailings. The reaction that takes place converts the cyanide into a complex or form that is non-toxic achieving effective cyanide detoxification.
  • Backfill plants - Mine Backfill by Resources Gold Technology utilize a medium such as cement or sand to form a product suitable for mine fill. Typically mining backfill is a final treatment stage and takes place immediately after dewatering.
  • Project Evaluation Overview - Resources extraction metallurgists work closely with clients and geological specialists to analyze the specific characteristics of ore deposits and select the process engineering route best suited to the extraction of gold for the application. This is accomplished systematically using a series of studies for project evaluation.
  • Pre-feasibility Studies by Resources Gold Technology offers a service to mineral deposit owners intending to enter into gold production. An excellent objective measure to determine whether a deposit or project is worth pursuing is to perform a pre-feasibility study.
  • Metallurgical studies by Resources Gold Technology begin with consideration of the information obtained in a pre-feasibility study. Gold processing routes are evaluated and a gold extraction process is selected. The characteristics of the gold ore are investigated from a representative sample of the ore deposit.
  • Bankable feasibility studies by Resources Gold Technology are the highest level of project evaluation in the form of a study. These investigations and reports form the basis for implementation of a gold mining project and the construction of a gold processing plant.
  • Mine Ore Sample Laboratory Testing for Metallurgical Studies
  • Resources Gold Technology shares global concern around environmental degradation and in particular consumption of water and energy resources. By developing new or cleaner technologies, we make production processes more efficient, reduce costs and help prevent environmental degradation.
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  • About Us - Resources Gold Technology supplies a diversified range of advanced gold processing and water treatment plants through its two divisions; Resources Gold Technology and Resources Water Technology.
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