Ore Sample Testing












Ship project ore samples to our handling facility location (unless directed otherwise to an alternate location):



Resources Mining Technologies

Gold Technology Division

935 North Beneva Road, Suite 609-31

Sarasota, Florida 34232

Attention: Metallurgical Engineering






221 – 331 pounds (100 kg – 150 kg) total ore sample is required by RMT for adequate testing. 


Disclaimer:  Ore sample delivered to RMT automatically becomes the property of RMT for the express purposes of proper handling, testing and disposal upon completion of lab testing. 


Exception:  If you desire to have your samples returned to you, please notify RMT in advance of shipping your sample in writing so that alternative arrangements can be coordinated. Write to:


For proper ore sampling containment, we recommend you use plastic bags that are chemically inert and non-contaminating with low permeability to liquids, gases, moisture and organic vapors.  Use permanent black ink to clearly label each sample bag. Include your name and project reference on each bag. Pencil is not legible, and some pens have water-soluble ink that smears or bleaches when wet.


We highly recommend you pack your sample bags in commercial duty plastic drum containers for shipping in order to prevent puncturing of the container and the samples therein.  If you are forced to use cardboard boxes, allow wet soil to air dry before placing in boxes. Wet soil can cause sample boxes to disintegrate. Line your cardboard box with plastic to prevent moisture leakage and box disintegration. Make sure your samples are well-surrounded by packing insulation to prevent possible puncture damage through the cardboard box.


Package no more than 40 to 50 bag samples (less than 50 lb) per shipping container.


Arrange samples in the shipping container in the same order that they are listed on the information form to help insure that you have placed all your samples in the container. It also helps our lab receiving clerk arrange the samples rapidly and accurately for expedient processing.


Pack individual sample boxes firmly in the shipping container. Place newspaper or cardboard between layers to help keep samples intact and lessen problems with moisture. If the boxes do not fill the shipping container, stuff newspaper around them. Do not use Styrofoam "peanuts." They stick to things and make labels hard to read.


Place the sample information forms that correspond to the samples in a plastic ziplock bag inside the shipping container with the samples.


Label each shipping container with your name and address. If you are sending multiple shipping containers, write "Box 1 of 3," "Box 2 of 3," "Box 3 of 3," etc., to ensure that samples stay together when they arrive at the lab. Make sure each box contains the appropriate information form(s).


Be sure to indicate on the shipping container that the box contains soil samples.