Metallurgical Studies





Metallurgical Studies by Resources Gold Technology


Resources Gold Technology provides metallurgical studies as a service to gold mine owners / operators who have completed preliminary investigation and are in need of detailed metallurgical information to proceed with a final evaluation or project implementation.


Metallurgical study begins with consideration of the information obtained in a pre-feasibility study. Gold processing routes are evaluated and a gold extraction process is selected. A test-work program is developed in order to simulate the gold extraction process on a laboratory scale. Alternative gold extraction process routes are also investigated during a metallurgical study. 


The characteristics of the gold ore are investigated from a representative sample of the ore deposit. The following properties are typically covered for metallurgical study of gold ores: 

  • Head grade.   
  • Work index for crushing and grinding.   
  • Gravity concentration performance.   
  • Leach characteristics and reagent consumption.   
  • Settlement characteristics.   
  • Dewatering performance.   
  • Viscosity.      
  • Tailings grade.   

Metallurgical study involves evaluating each of the above characteristics on a laboratory scale using methods that provide a reasonable reflection of performance on production scale. Metallurgical studies are essential in the preparation of detailed bankable feasibility studies and provide insight into the operational parameters to be implemented in practice. In addition, operational expenditure in terms of power and reagent consumption can be estimated from a metallurgical study.



Address for Sending Project Ore Samples for Metallurgical Study:


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