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  • Solid Liquid Separation - Dewatering Plants by Resources Gold Technology are designed to perform highly effective solid liquid separation for process water recovery while producing both thickened slurry for mine backfill operations and filter cake for transport to a surface fill operation.
  • Cyanide Destruction Plants by Resources Gold Technology operate by introducing a reactant that oxidizes the cyanide ions in solution in gold processing plant tailings. The reaction that takes place converts the cyanide into a complex or form that is non-toxic achieving effective cyanide detoxification.
  • Backfill plants - Mine Backfill by Resources Gold Technology utilize a medium such as cement or sand to form a product suitable for mine fill. Typically mining backfill is a final treatment stage and takes place immediately after dewatering.
  • Resources Gold Technology shares global concern around environmental degradation and in particular consumption of water and energy resources. By developing new or cleaner technologies, we make production processes more efficient, reduce costs and help prevent environmental degradation.
  • Industry Links for Resources Gold Technology - On this page you can find useful links to third party websites for additional information.